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Wedding Options and Rates

Choosing exactly what you want to be a recorded history of you special event can be a daunting task.

As your photographer, I first need to know how you want your wedding recorded.

·        Do you want us to fully document your wedding? Some enjoy seeing every detail that occurs during the day; from the first polished fingernail to the last dance at the reception. All the little moments that will remind you of what you were thinking at the time are recorded. Capturing the day in this manner makes for a great preview book, wedding album and slide show!

·        Perhaps you are more interested in just the ceremony with posed reenacted images. This is what formal photographs are made from.

·        But usually, couples want a combination of the two. That’s where the question of, “How much will this cost me?” come in to the picture.

Since we are in the age of the internet and digital technology, many wish for a simple package of digital images that can be shared on-line with friends and family. Other couples want to see and feel a physical print, have albums that can become heirlooms, and be able to display framed images.

The choices are endless. You can have preview photograph books, with every acceptable recorded image (non-edited) printed to choose from or you can opt for an online gallery of proofs to choose from. After making your choice of images, we can then build a gallery that you and your friends and family may order from a la carte, or that we can build your preview booklets, prints, albums, or finished, ready to hang or display photographs.

If the chore seems a bit overwhelming, perhaps you can find exactly what you want in one of our package.

Michaels Photography de Nemours-Wedding Options and Rates


Economy Package-$400.00

            With the Economy Package you get our services for a half day (4 hours). We will build you a Private Online Gallery of all acceptable images captured for you to preview and download as well as give you a CD/DVD of the same images with a print release. Images will remain on the website for one year. Images will be color balanced, but no other editing involved. We will full edit any prints purchased.

Keepsake Package-$650.00

            All of the Economy Package plus images will receive full editing. Also included will be an 8x8 or 8.5x11 Fabric Hard Cover Press Preview Book with 10 pages, printed on front and back with 4 images per side (total 80 images). Additional pages are $10.00 each.

Family Package-$850

          All of the Keepsake Package with two additional Hard Cover Press Preview Books plus 8-5x7, 4-8x10, and 2-12x16 (or 12x14) prints of your choice.

Deluxe Package-$1100

          Full (8 hours) coverageof your wedding plus all of the Family Package and ne 11x14 Faux Leather Photo Book with twenty hinged pages (40 sides) of full page images. Additional pages are $10.00 each.

Premium Package-$2500

            For our premium package, we offer our services for the entire day. From the first touch of makeup to the last dance at the reception. This package includes everything in the Deluxe Package with an additional Faux Leather Photo Book plus an exquisite leather covered Wedding Album. 

The Wedding Album is 12x12 with flush to the edge images printed on luster paper, using black hard core board for elegant, rigid pages. It offers hairline gutter with lay-flat binding so that panoramas (12x24) appear seamless. It begins with 10 pages (20 sides). Additional pages are $20.00 each up to a maximum of 35 pages.